With this ring…

About 8 years ago, I bought myself a ring, made myself a promise that I would never take it off, until I was wed, I would not give myself to another, and no matter how low I go, I would always find a way to pick myself up again for Him.

I made this promise to God, that no matter what, He will be my ride or die. 8 years later, having not been married yet I remembered that many years ago I had made this promise on my 24th birthday. The ring as I type is still sitting on the second finger of my right hand, holding a permanent place in my heart and mind.

But just this morning I had fighting thoughts about wearing this ring. I didn’t feel I have lived up to the promises that I have made, first wearing it. The mind I was in, when I first slipped it on my finger. A conflict began to storm up in me of how much I do not deserve the love that goes with this symbol, of eternity and forgiveness. After all it was not a man that I had made the promise to but God himself. How could I turn my will to suit the way of the all seeing and all knowing God.

I know I cannot lie to Him.

That is when when this thought came to mind. A marriage is a marriage regardless of the sinner, the promise and commitment, the covenant is still there. The ring is a symbol of that love, promise, commitment and covenant.

So even when Hosea’s wife was a prostitute, the covenant between them was so strong that God said to him over and over again. Go get your wife back. As an example of what He was saying to Israel.

It was with great speed and little doubt that I took my ring again and said, not matter how far I fall, I will always come back to you.

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