Cracked walls

IMG_0378How many times have we said this about people who have done us wrong. You know you get into those situations when someone steps on your toes, and they clearly have no recollection of incidents, don’t see any wrong they have done or plain and simply stepped on your foot knowingly and they are not apologizing for it.

The above words are from the son of God himself, who had a better recollection of both heaven and earth. He knew the deep intricacies that made the world and what leads to the fall. He was there in the beginning when the world began, watched as the mountains rose and the waters where told to stop for the sea shore. Jesus knew everything. And in his knowing, He knew that we would continue falling and making mistakes. But also in his knowing He knew that there where deeper, more sinister workings that caused us to repeatedly follow the path we led. He knew that our solution was to follow him and like children we would be rebellious and follow our own paths.
He knew very well why he had to say for they know not… because quite frankly we don’t know the intricacies that make the world the way it is. Yes we don’t know. We lack the knowledge and the wisdom to determine these things.
But what if we knew, what if the entire world was opened up to us, heaven, earth hell?
What would we do than,
Is it by mistake than that the Lord hammered forgiveness? I think not. See there is so much happening more spiritual than natural, that has caused the fall. We have forces of the enemy lined up against us and one man whom by his name all would fall at their feet and recognize His Lordship.
But maybe the biggest hindrance we have is us being able to forgive ourselves. We recognize when others do wrong to us. We even quote God and say we will forgive but we don’t have a quote for forgiving ourselves. Did God overlook this in the Bible, why didn’t He mention that we should forgive ourselves, it’s as if we should be people focused and not self.
But when God said love one another as your love yourself. That became enough word to forgive ourselves. Corinthians speaks about love and the qualities it has forgiveness is one of them. So how can you love yourself without forgiving yourself. How can you love others if you cannot love yourself. A relationship with God and others begins with breaking the limitations or walls that we have built up around ourselves.
Not that people cannot penetrate them but that we cannot walk out of. Self love is a topic never preached on but we need to realize if we are to be able to forgive others we need to crack the walls of our own hatred.


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