The Art of war

I have recently had to experience the feeling of extreme disappointment in someoneIMG_0528. I always try not to have Ill thoughts about people, even if they had done me wrong. But on this particular day, when all was going well with the world I was baptized with extreme anger and disappointment.
My 5 point reaction
1. feeling of complete confusion and a series a questions arising, how did this get here, said by is it here, how did this person get this?
2. A series of answers ensued, it was that time a person had access to my personal information.
4. great anger, how could this person do this. This is the invasion of my privacy.
5. searching in my head what this person would do with this information.
6. Give excuses, this person had this information for a good reason

Usually when something like this happens I would search in my head for an excuse for the person so I can better sleep at night. This became extremely difficult because I was overcome with rage, for me it was completely unnecessary to take something of mine without asking. Honestly I’m usually an open person. If this particular individual where to ask me for this information I would give it without a doubt in my mind.

So how do I resolve this conflict?
I make plans, I pray and I make plans. In situations like this, when the truth comes out, you learn how others will treat you. The greatest inner conflict resolution is the art of war. All wars have strategic plans behind them, when either side wants to attack the other they learn the structures and its systems. So that they are better able to attack with effect. No one goes to war unprepared.
Like a soldier i rallied myself for the attack, guarded myself with armour but what war could I rage without plans of attack. Go back to the drawing board.
Putting all emotions aside and running the course
Each side needs to have allies
Each side needs to have plans to conquer the system
In the middle of all these war plans I found myself calming down to the idea of love. I asked myself, why should I love when another person has no intention to love?
When I am reminded that it is not about the other person but about my reaction to the what others do to me.
This love thing is a lot of responsibility.

You are not even in the wrong but you have to love the one in the wrong whether you like it or not.
Gods intentions with us is that we become like Him. If that is so we need to forgive like He does and love like He does, with absolutely no room for hate.

It is in that period that I was planning a war that I realized how much God wants me to Love his people. Regardless of what they do. How they speak or hurt. Mine is to love


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