Candy store

A few weeks ago I declared that I am opening myself up to all that is new for me.
But right after that declaration I discovered that I was a sugar addict standing in the middle of the candy store with all that array of all the goodness that they have to offer.
I don’t much like milk chocolate, I survive very well without it. I hardly buy it, and if I’m offered I wouldn’t be excited about eating it. Infact I would refuse it.
I much prefer dark chocolate, about 60-80% coa coa, and not a lot of imagination put into it. Just plain and simple dark chocolate.
But because I have now opened myself up to other possibilities in the candy store I have allowed my brain to imagine more than just the regular dark chocolate to milk chocolate, flavored with all the crazy flavours you can think off.

My preference had taken a back seat and now my eyes are filled with all the goodness that was wrong for me.
When I was young and we would go shopping with my mother she used to tell us. This is what I’m prepared to buy for you and this is I am prepared to buy. Meaning if you go beyond the restrictions you are on your own but I want you to have something that you like, just note you will be limited.

God is the same, he opens up the world of possibilities for us, but says ok, you have to have limits here. You can’t just have everything, you need to choose what will be best for you.

Limits are important to have, if we didn’t have them we would be glutinous, uncontrollably people.
But more than limitation knowing needs vs wants is even more powerful to an individual.
So I have opened myself up, I’m single, and suddenly all of these people come knocking on my door. Like a candy store all flavours are now available to me and I can just have my pick from them. Until I remember but now wait, I am a born again Christian, my preference has always been someone who knows and loves God and has given their life to him. Why am I enticed by all the different flavours out here when I have my own very specific chocolate that I like.
I remembered that not everything is for me, even when I have opened myself up to the world, it doesn’t mean that I should have it all.
Reminds me about Adam and Eve, they had everything else but they still wanted that one thing they could not have.

So I have decided, that I will stick too the dark chocolate I so love, even when I’m presented with other weird and wonderful flavours. My self limitation is activated to be in operation all the time. And I know that not everything is good for me. 😁 as I chant… #newmantraIMG_0848


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