You are loved by God

I came to realized my love for God but have I really received His love for me?
We take for granted that word. As if it’s only a declaration of love in human form but God who is Spirit and much higher in thought and deed than any of us has declared those words to us. He loves us.

Un be-known to me this very topic God was just about to address in my life. I had this realization on my way to a relationship seminar. I have been suffering in terms of my relationships, with my family, insecurities with my friends and just being an unmarried person trying to get through life wanting to be married and have children and not having a partner for this.

So the seminar from the moment I walked in was teaching me a lot about relationships, firstly marriage relationships and later on my relationships with people. I was not prepared for the deliverance after all that.

So here is the thing. I know you have heard this before, and if I’m the umpteenth person to remind you of this than you should know I and all those other people are right.

God loves you.
Now take a deep breathe and internalize that, feel his love enfolding you, covering you. Feel it taking over your thoughts.
God……….. Loves……………You…….!!!!!!

Something so simple, that most of us since childhood have been told but our minds haven’t been able to wrap the idea around our heads. I am one of those.
It is this relationship, before your parents, before your spouse and friends that needs the greatest repair to be able to truly know that all that He has created in this world was actually for you. Without reservations or pride. Receive that.

God loves you.



We come with so many reasons in our heads why we shouldn’t be loved. But He loves us still. He won’t change, He just doesn’t. But we have to to receive that love from him. We have to change, it changes us. There is a few ways one can change and look towards His love which I will explore later. Join me in that personal journey of love with the Master.


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