Point me to the hospital


A person with rejection issues will feel rejected from any and every situation.
From a person that grudgingly smiles to non verbal communication another makes.
There is always a reason for a rejected person to feel rejected.
A fish that only knows and lives in water for all its life is drowned by the air that mammals enjoy as their living source.

The fact is there are broken, wounded people walking about with scars as deep as the pacific rim. Yet they wear smiles on their faces and serve wholeheartedly.
Scars from birth, before birth and after birth whose cracks are being licked by others unknowingly.
I remember some time back I reached out to a person for a hug, but you know when you get that grudging hug- a person clearly not willing to give me a hug in return. I was so hurt by the fact that the hug I was giving with such love and excitement was not reciprocated.

It’s amazing how something so small can set a person off.
But when you find the balm of Gilead, that easily absorbs itself on those cracks and wounds, healing pulling together the broken skin that had been parted. The pain and itch of scabs can cause irritation but staying true to that oil, completely covers all unevenness. I am one of them and I wish I could point to Gilead, maybe on a map that you can find this oil, but no matter i lead you. It would not be there, so I will tell you this because it is not in a map, neither in a jar. But in a vessel whose very cause is to heal the bruised.



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