God is JIT (Just in Time)


In know a lot of people, myself included, sometimes hurry God. We believe that God has to do things in our time, we know ourselves better right. If I want a car, I want it in my time, well what about Gods time?

We have a God who is creator of heaven and earth. This is the same God who created earth in 6 days, pulling mountains up and smashing valleys to be low. How do you compare to him?

When Psalms 103; 14, he says “he knows our frame, he remembers we are dust”. He also said that he created us in our mother’s wombs. Would you like to compare to that. Well humans leave up to a measly hundred years and he has seen eternity.

God’s time is just right, it is perfect on time, on form and on point and it brings all the favor and blessing with it that you need. Abraham waited a few years until his perfect blessing Isaac came to being. But of course like Abraham when God speaks we listen but are in hurry to get the blessing without the patience. Giving birth to Ishmaels, our not yet perfect blessing. But after time though he (Abraham) received his promise Just In Time. Jesus died on the cross, no one in their right minds could understand how the son of God could be tortured by mere men and in such a brutal way. But he came back to life Just In Time; 3 days after he died he brought the promises and blessings of God to even the Gentiles (Gal. 3: 13-14)

So how does Just In Time work for us now. I cannot be asking God for car but I don’t have my driver’s license. As there are laws in government there are also laws in the Spirit, “if you are not ready- It is not yet Time”

Before a child eats solids, they have to go through milk and puréed food. And for some time when their stomachs are ready, their mouths are armored and their throats can handle. If a child is given hard foods before the time, they might choke on the food imposing a danger on the child.

A child needs to go through the process and in time be able to eat like grownups. This too applies to us. We are so fascinated with grown up food, we even cry for it. Begging the Almighty God to provide us with some. While the father knows all, he knows all too well that my child is not ready for this. We do not have the spiritual license to handle many blessings God wants to give us, yet we cry with the little God wants us to grow in.

As a child adapts that attitude of crying to (not running away from) the mother even when it is the mother that has just reprimanded them. You may not know it than but mother knows best for her child and mother knows that it is not Yet Time for my child.

Relate your relationship with the heavenly Father to that of your earthly father. Your earthly father didn’t mean to hurt you when he denied you those label jeans but he knew that it was Not Yet Time.


“how much more will your heavenly father Love you”

Your heavenly father did not hold back all those blessings from you because he didn’t want you to have the best.

He wanted to bless you Just In Time


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