Fear of the Lord



I imagine standing in front of God on judgment day and he asks me about all the decisions I made and what I did with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He will be talking to me individually. He will be pulling out a record of my life. He will call on Jesus and ask him “ hey son, Busi says she knows you, Do you know her?” I would hate to hear an answer that is not a YES from my Lords lips.

So what am I doing now to ensure that those hard questions that will be required of me to answer, I answer them, without Uhms and Ahms…?

Well I was thinking of situations that have been presented to me many times before. Someone disrespecting me or just being unfair, situations that present themselves and it is clear as day that that this is un called for. My anger can quickly get in the way and I can blow up or say something bad about another person (or cursing them). Those options are easier to come by than being silent and doing all that I can not to speak against someone.

Whenever a situation like that presents itself, I think of David doing all he can to run away from his King. And when numerous opportunities came about to kill King Saul he refused saying “this is God’s chosen one I will not touch him (paraphrased)” (1 Sam26:9). David even made sure that his men did not touch Kind Saul when they sneaked into his camp.

Now look at another wise man of God who when approached by his masters wife refused her and ended up in jail. Joseph ran away from the temptation that was presented to him.


Now I could justify myself and say but I know so and so doesn’t go to church and they don’t treat anyone well. Or that I don’t deserve to be treated like this I am a chosen one myself how can a sister or brother in Christ treat me with such contempt.


But then again it is my race, my salvation, my life, I would be giving someone a loaded gun with a marked target on my forehead X. I decided that I would not give anyone permission to determine my future, my present, my hopes and my dreams.


So when I am treated unfairly, I will look up and ask the Lord for an extra measure of humility because even that person who has treated me unfairly is a child of God. How they answer to God is up to them but I just need to pray for them.


There is something that we need to note, we do not struggle with the same vices as the next person. Some may struggle with anger, some with self esteem but with whatever struggle Gods principles are the same and they stand the test of time, even he. Numbers 23: 19 says “he is not a man that he should lie…”.

If he says forgive, he said it once and he meant it- it’s a principle.

If he said seed, time and harvest- it’s a principle.

If he said give and it shall be given back to you…- it’s a principle.

If he said the wages of sin is death- it’s a principle.


Maybe I should define more clearly this word principle (from my understanding)- when I say principle I mean a standard, law or theory, something that can be done time and time again and it will be proven true every time.

The men I identified earlier  had one thing in common, a principle they understood when it comes to God, Fear- Proverbs 111: 10 says the “Fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom”. So them fearing God and seeking righteousness, hating what was evil (Romans 12:9) and loving him (God)- Luke 20:27.


  • Are you provoking anyone?
  • Are you speaking badly about anyone or encouraging hateful speech about another?
  • Do you have an attitude about certain people?

My answers to these is “Yes”;

  • I may not mean to provoke but could provoke someone
  • I may not mean to speak badly about people but sometimes I do.
  • I may not want to have an attitude about certain people but I do.

But thank God for his Grace, because I would not be able to see wrong in what I do or try to rectify it without seeing his Grace in my life.


So here is my challenge.

Examine the areas in your life that you do not fear God in. Go to him, he knows your problem, better than you do. And humbly yourself before him. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is see that you have placed your physical needs above God. But humble yourself before him.






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