God is JIT (Just in Time)


In know a lot of people, myself included, sometimes hurry God. We believe that God has to do things in our time, we know ourselves better right. If I want a car, I want it in my time, well what about Gods time?

We have a God who is creator of heaven and earth. This is the same God who created earth in 6 days, pulling mountains up and smashing valleys to be low. How do you compare to him?

When Psalms 103; 14, he says “he knows our frame, he remembers we are dust”. He also said that he created us in our mother’s wombs. Would you like to compare to that. Well humans leave up to a measly hundred years and he has seen eternity.

God’s time is just right, it is perfect on time, on form and on point and it brings all the favor and blessing with it that you need. Abraham waited a few years until his perfect blessing Isaac came to being. But of course like Abraham when God speaks we listen but are in hurry to get the blessing without the patience. Giving birth to Ishmaels, our not yet perfect blessing. But after time though he (Abraham) received his promise Just In Time. Jesus died on the cross, no one in their right minds could understand how the son of God could be tortured by mere men and in such a brutal way. But he came back to life Just In Time; 3 days after he died he brought the promises and blessings of God to even the Gentiles (Gal. 3: 13-14)

So how does Just In Time work for us now. I cannot be asking God for car but I don’t have my driver’s license. As there are laws in government there are also laws in the Spirit, “if you are not ready- It is not yet Time”

Before a child eats solids, they have to go through milk and puréed food. And for some time when their stomachs are ready, their mouths are armored and their throats can handle. If a child is given hard foods before the time, they might choke on the food imposing a danger on the child.

A child needs to go through the process and in time be able to eat like grownups. This too applies to us. We are so fascinated with grown up food, we even cry for it. Begging the Almighty God to provide us with some. While the father knows all, he knows all too well that my child is not ready for this. We do not have the spiritual license to handle many blessings God wants to give us, yet we cry with the little God wants us to grow in.

As a child adapts that attitude of crying to (not running away from) the mother even when it is the mother that has just reprimanded them. You may not know it than but mother knows best for her child and mother knows that it is not Yet Time for my child.

Relate your relationship with the heavenly Father to that of your earthly father. Your earthly father didn’t mean to hurt you when he denied you those label jeans but he knew that it was Not Yet Time.


“how much more will your heavenly father Love you”

Your heavenly father did not hold back all those blessings from you because he didn’t want you to have the best.

He wanted to bless you Just In Time


Point me to the hospital


A person with rejection issues will feel rejected from any and every situation.
From a person that grudgingly smiles to non verbal communication another makes.
There is always a reason for a rejected person to feel rejected.
A fish that only knows and lives in water for all its life is drowned by the air that mammals enjoy as their living source.

The fact is there are broken, wounded people walking about with scars as deep as the pacific rim. Yet they wear smiles on their faces and serve wholeheartedly.
Scars from birth, before birth and after birth whose cracks are being licked by others unknowingly.
I remember some time back I reached out to a person for a hug, but you know when you get that grudging hug- a person clearly not willing to give me a hug in return. I was so hurt by the fact that the hug I was giving with such love and excitement was not reciprocated.

It’s amazing how something so small can set a person off.
But when you find the balm of Gilead, that easily absorbs itself on those cracks and wounds, healing pulling together the broken skin that had been parted. The pain and itch of scabs can cause irritation but staying true to that oil, completely covers all unevenness. I am one of them and I wish I could point to Gilead, maybe on a map that you can find this oil, but no matter i lead you. It would not be there, so I will tell you this because it is not in a map, neither in a jar. But in a vessel whose very cause is to heal the bruised.


Reset me



Thank you Lord for continuously saving me from myself

I really am grateful to God. I seem to have a self destruct button that I always slip into whenever I get bored. I would be going on my regular life without any care in the world but the moment I get distracted and lose focus, suddenly my hands find some other places to fidget. 👀

I was feeling lonely and started entertaining conversation with someone but because I was enticed to a conversation and lost focus for a second I found myself drawing near to a direction that I don’t want to take in my life.
That’s why I love the Holy Spirit. He Nudges you to say, hey remember what we talked about. And actually I do remember what we talked about it was 2 Cor 10: 5and Gal 6:24

“Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;”
‭‭2 Corinthians‬ ‭10:5‬ ‭KJV‬‬

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,”
‭‭Galatians‬ ‭5:22

(CAUTION) Honestly if you want to remain without wisdom and direction don’t open your Bible, especially reading it and confess the word. It’s better to not know than to know.

Really try reading the word and speaking it will mess up your life, in a good way ofcourse but you will never have thought.
For the past 2 weeks I have been confessing these two particular scriptures and this week I got a good set of convictions.
Emotions can play tricks on you, even the Bible says that the heart is the most deceitful of thing.

Here is the thing, you don’t need to do anything but the fact that you are entertaining a conversation that is not within the scope of things you should entertain. Things that will build you, that will bring you joy and not depress you. That will encourage you. You can be sure to lose focus and not do what God has Called should for.

So be sure to have that reset button close by, because you will lose focus, but if you avail yourself to the leading of the Holy Spirit whatever was in your sights as negative or unnecessary will be sifted out.





You are loved by God

I came to realized my love for God but have I really received His love for me?
We take for granted that word. As if it’s only a declaration of love in human form but God who is Spirit and much higher in thought and deed than any of us has declared those words to us. He loves us.

Un be-known to me this very topic God was just about to address in my life. I had this realization on my way to a relationship seminar. I have been suffering in terms of my relationships, with my family, insecurities with my friends and just being an unmarried person trying to get through life wanting to be married and have children and not having a partner for this.

So the seminar from the moment I walked in was teaching me a lot about relationships, firstly marriage relationships and later on my relationships with people. I was not prepared for the deliverance after all that.

So here is the thing. I know you have heard this before, and if I’m the umpteenth person to remind you of this than you should know I and all those other people are right.

God loves you.
Now take a deep breathe and internalize that, feel his love enfolding you, covering you. Feel it taking over your thoughts.
God……….. Loves……………You…….!!!!!!

Something so simple, that most of us since childhood have been told but our minds haven’t been able to wrap the idea around our heads. I am one of those.
It is this relationship, before your parents, before your spouse and friends that needs the greatest repair to be able to truly know that all that He has created in this world was actually for you. Without reservations or pride. Receive that.

God loves you.



We come with so many reasons in our heads why we shouldn’t be loved. But He loves us still. He won’t change, He just doesn’t. But we have to to receive that love from him. We have to change, it changes us. There is a few ways one can change and look towards His love which I will explore later. Join me in that personal journey of love with the Master.

Candy store

A few weeks ago I declared that I am opening myself up to all that is new for me.
But right after that declaration I discovered that I was a sugar addict standing in the middle of the candy store with all that array of all the goodness that they have to offer.
I don’t much like milk chocolate, I survive very well without it. I hardly buy it, and if I’m offered I wouldn’t be excited about eating it. Infact I would refuse it.
I much prefer dark chocolate, about 60-80% coa coa, and not a lot of imagination put into it. Just plain and simple dark chocolate.
But because I have now opened myself up to other possibilities in the candy store I have allowed my brain to imagine more than just the regular dark chocolate to milk chocolate, flavored with all the crazy flavours you can think off.

My preference had taken a back seat and now my eyes are filled with all the goodness that was wrong for me.
When I was young and we would go shopping with my mother she used to tell us. This is what I’m prepared to buy for you and this is I am prepared to buy. Meaning if you go beyond the restrictions you are on your own but I want you to have something that you like, just note you will be limited.

God is the same, he opens up the world of possibilities for us, but says ok, you have to have limits here. You can’t just have everything, you need to choose what will be best for you.

Limits are important to have, if we didn’t have them we would be glutinous, uncontrollably people.
But more than limitation knowing needs vs wants is even more powerful to an individual.
So I have opened myself up, I’m single, and suddenly all of these people come knocking on my door. Like a candy store all flavours are now available to me and I can just have my pick from them. Until I remember but now wait, I am a born again Christian, my preference has always been someone who knows and loves God and has given their life to him. Why am I enticed by all the different flavours out here when I have my own very specific chocolate that I like.
I remembered that not everything is for me, even when I have opened myself up to the world, it doesn’t mean that I should have it all.
Reminds me about Adam and Eve, they had everything else but they still wanted that one thing they could not have.

So I have decided, that I will stick too the dark chocolate I so love, even when I’m presented with other weird and wonderful flavours. My self limitation is activated to be in operation all the time. And I know that not everything is good for me. 😁 as I chant… #newmantraIMG_0848

The Art of war

I have recently had to experience the feeling of extreme disappointment in someoneIMG_0528. I always try not to have Ill thoughts about people, even if they had done me wrong. But on this particular day, when all was going well with the world I was baptized with extreme anger and disappointment.
My 5 point reaction
1. feeling of complete confusion and a series a questions arising, how did this get here, said by is it here, how did this person get this?
2. A series of answers ensued, it was that time a person had access to my personal information.
4. great anger, how could this person do this. This is the invasion of my privacy.
5. searching in my head what this person would do with this information.
6. Give excuses, this person had this information for a good reason

Usually when something like this happens I would search in my head for an excuse for the person so I can better sleep at night. This became extremely difficult because I was overcome with rage, for me it was completely unnecessary to take something of mine without asking. Honestly I’m usually an open person. If this particular individual where to ask me for this information I would give it without a doubt in my mind.

So how do I resolve this conflict?
I make plans, I pray and I make plans. In situations like this, when the truth comes out, you learn how others will treat you. The greatest inner conflict resolution is the art of war. All wars have strategic plans behind them, when either side wants to attack the other they learn the structures and its systems. So that they are better able to attack with effect. No one goes to war unprepared.
Like a soldier i rallied myself for the attack, guarded myself with armour but what war could I rage without plans of attack. Go back to the drawing board.
Putting all emotions aside and running the course
Each side needs to have allies
Each side needs to have plans to conquer the system
In the middle of all these war plans I found myself calming down to the idea of love. I asked myself, why should I love when another person has no intention to love?
When I am reminded that it is not about the other person but about my reaction to the what others do to me.
This love thing is a lot of responsibility.

You are not even in the wrong but you have to love the one in the wrong whether you like it or not.
Gods intentions with us is that we become like Him. If that is so we need to forgive like He does and love like He does, with absolutely no room for hate.

It is in that period that I was planning a war that I realized how much God wants me to Love his people. Regardless of what they do. How they speak or hurt. Mine is to love

Cracked walls

IMG_0378How many times have we said this about people who have done us wrong. You know you get into those situations when someone steps on your toes, and they clearly have no recollection of incidents, don’t see any wrong they have done or plain and simply stepped on your foot knowingly and they are not apologizing for it.

The above words are from the son of God himself, who had a better recollection of both heaven and earth. He knew the deep intricacies that made the world and what leads to the fall. He was there in the beginning when the world began, watched as the mountains rose and the waters where told to stop for the sea shore. Jesus knew everything. And in his knowing, He knew that we would continue falling and making mistakes. But also in his knowing He knew that there where deeper, more sinister workings that caused us to repeatedly follow the path we led. He knew that our solution was to follow him and like children we would be rebellious and follow our own paths.
He knew very well why he had to say for they know not… because quite frankly we don’t know the intricacies that make the world the way it is. Yes we don’t know. We lack the knowledge and the wisdom to determine these things.
But what if we knew, what if the entire world was opened up to us, heaven, earth hell?
What would we do than,
Is it by mistake than that the Lord hammered forgiveness? I think not. See there is so much happening more spiritual than natural, that has caused the fall. We have forces of the enemy lined up against us and one man whom by his name all would fall at their feet and recognize His Lordship.
But maybe the biggest hindrance we have is us being able to forgive ourselves. We recognize when others do wrong to us. We even quote God and say we will forgive but we don’t have a quote for forgiving ourselves. Did God overlook this in the Bible, why didn’t He mention that we should forgive ourselves, it’s as if we should be people focused and not self.
But when God said love one another as your love yourself. That became enough word to forgive ourselves. Corinthians speaks about love and the qualities it has forgiveness is one of them. So how can you love yourself without forgiving yourself. How can you love others if you cannot love yourself. A relationship with God and others begins with breaking the limitations or walls that we have built up around ourselves.
Not that people cannot penetrate them but that we cannot walk out of. Self love is a topic never preached on but we need to realize if we are to be able to forgive others we need to crack the walls of our own hatred.