Millienials and God

In the microwave generation everything is convenient.

Shopping is done online, payments by bank applications, and dating at a swipe of the finger. But how many know that the will of God is hardly like this.

Millennials are born in a generation where technology advancement has made things very easy for consumption, making life in general a less complex exercise.

Millennials are considered to be the more complex generation yet.

Millennials tend to be more removed from relationships, they are all about themselves and making things work for them. They are classified by a lot; technology savvy, most Educated, Civic Oriented, conscience, entrepreneurial, pragmatic idealistic, liberal✊🏽

But how are they with God, religion or belief?

The trend with millennials is that there are less of them in the church (or if they are it is by their terms). Coming very closely with the end time prediction that more and more people will be deceived and will be in the world.

With all the deception that is going on, even in the body of Christ we are more to fall into worldly mindsets.

But not only that, the environment that millennials grew up in has influenced them. We, millennials, are less concerned with creating lasting and meaningful relationships. We are easily distracted by social media, as a result our distance has been greater in person and more personal in a distance.

With this dilemma, how do we expect this generation to love and seek after God. When He seeks to be closer to us in the still moments- those that are running out for us.

I once met a gentleman , who told me that he has an agreement with a lady, that they may be each other’s comfort, sleep together, when one is in need. Upon discussing this with another gentleman, he said the same thing. That he doesn’t have a lot of time to maintain a relationship, but if his needs can be met with a mutually agreeable lady than for now that will do. This is in pursuit of rising up the corporate ladder and not desiring to work on a relationship right now.

Millennials find it difficult to relate to God because God requires correction, holiness and a perfecting in ones soul on continuous basis. Millennials on the other hand are more prone to seek immediate comfort, if it doesn’t work for them (us) we will seek what does. We find sources in social media and technology for instant gratification and have very little patience of working in time.

Judging from biblical stories many great man and women of God had to be pressed and put in discomfort in order for the will of God to prevail.

Can millennials survive the constant pruning of God?

That stands to be seen.

But I pray that out the millennials a handful may stand up and be counted as remnant amongst their peers.


Grow a pair…

I have once been advised to grow a pair…

That expression meant that for me as a woman I need to have the guts of a man to be able to fulfill the role of leadership in the sphere of business. 🤔

But being a women is a great advantage that many women even cannot even begin to unpack, especially in business. Women have a set of thinking patterns, mannerisms and roles that men do not have. Our approach to strategy differs completely to that of men.

I think corporate culture, as it has been for the past millennia, has been adapted for men has been harsh on women.

The debate that women should be at home taking care of children, cooking and cleaning has long been abandoned.

But corporate still stifle women for being home makers and emotional.

By our very wiring we are not like men.

We incubate babies- honestly everything else about being warm and caring and all the other fluffy stuff fall under the very fact that we carry little people.

Whilst men well they are known as hunters so we are supposed to let that just slide and give them the responsibility of providing 🙄.

Lets look at the animal kingdom, at the great specie, the lion. Female lions, like anything else female, incubate and feed the young but they also do something interesting, they are part of the hunting pack. They come up with strategies (yes I said lionesses come up with strategies) to get food for themselves and their cubs. In fact lions are not the only ones who do this the animal Kingdom.

Women are the most reliable to give a vision to, they take your idea and make it grow. And importantly, they have a lot more to lose because their very being is embossed in providing for their young.

So NO, women don’t need a pair of Balls in the corporate environment, they are more hungry.

The difference may be in Glory. The Glory of a job well done and a pat on the back may be nice to encourage one. Pride with this Glory is something men are most likely to reach out for.

Women just want to make sure theirs, and generations after them can be fed and taken care off.

How do trees know to split and create another branch?

At some point in our lives we find another way to branch off and express ourselves. I often wonder what influences that, like at what point does the tree know, now it’s time for me to grow another branch.
For all of my childhood I was taught that I should learn something specific specialist in that one thing, master it and find my occupation in it. If you study law, you will be a lawyer for the rest of your life, and if engineering or accounting, you will for the rest of your life. Our parents tried to safe guard us from being “wonderers” to people who have a single vision and purpose. Often this can be dictated so people think that that means a person should be doing one thing for all their lives.
A branch of a tree shoots off from the side and becomes strong and fruit producing all on its own. Does that mean that branch has changed being an apple or mango tree? No, but what it means is that it has created in itself a way to produce more of itself.
That’s what I need to do, stretch out and produce more of myself.

We find ourselves frustrated by our current positions, and God has been giving me ideas for something new, to help out somewhere to volunteer, to start a business. To learn something new yet I silence those thoughts with excuses.

How will an apple tree produce great fruits of it doesn’t have many branches? It can probably produce 10 apples a season. But with strong branches that are well nourished it is able to produce 50 times as much. It’s like the parable of the farmer and his vine. God, the main tree has branched out, so as to create a fruitful trees that produce in season. Am I?

Gone is the time when we used to say there isn’t enough time. There is plenty of time, even more when you think of those who still need to receive Christ.

Really what I’m saying is we shouldn’t be afraid of doing more and being more. When we produce fruit the Lord is proud to show us off, showing His glory to the whole world only if we split and create new  branches.

Going back to the question, I don’t think the know when another branch should grow but they certainly do know that they should be growing and producing fruit, maybe we should to. Like God had instructed in Genesis, be fruitful and multiply. So should we and the branches will grow along the way.


The Fear of the Lord Part 2

IMG_2713What if God was one of us?

There is God in everyone one of us. The guy on the street corner begging for money, the people swearing in traffic, the lady in the strip clubs taking off her clothes, the elderly woman in the hospital in pain with no one to visit. There is God in everyone of us.


Gone are the days when human life was valuable, now many people just pass by a child crying and deep in hunger, we hear of stories about Chad and Ethiopia but that is far from us right. We hear of babies being abandoned but what do we do about it?


What if God was one of us?

What would he say about this generation of people who care not for him or for the things that are in his heart?

I get pained many times when I see a child and they are hungry, I can’t imagine having children and having them suffer for any day.

How much more is this for God, does he want any of his children to suffer?

We have been given dominion over the whole world, everything that God created has been given to us like the Garden of Eden for Adam to tend. Yet with all the resources that have been given to us we cannot provide for those who are in pain or suffering. This gets me thinking- if we were in the position of those very people we ignored would we believe in God, would we say Praise the Lord and God is Good?

Surely no Good God would want any of his children to suffer like I am suffering right now, where is the Goodness there?

Yet we want to evangelize to the poor and convert the wicked to receive Christ as their personal Lord and savior.

What did Jesus do? he healed the sick(Matthew 14:14), raised the dead(Luke 7:22), cast out demeans(Mark 1:39), and walked on water(Matthew 14:29). Jesus fed thousands of people with a little boys lunch of 5 loaves and 2 fish (John 6:11)

What are we doing? Every Sunday we go to church to fellowship

There are a few instances that Jesus went into the temple but the majority of his ministry he spent on the ground, doing what most people would not do, working as a servant- he was Kingdom minded.

The Kingdom of God is not going to skip the poor and desolate, the Kingdom of God is not going to hunt down the wealthy to become even wealthier. The Kingdom of God is for anyone who will receive Jesus.


This message is meant to encourage you in you are in Christ. You are the light of the world, you are the salt of the world. When people see you, they should want to walk with you, and praise God for you.


My encouragement to you is if you can’t do anything, help out someone who can, an organization that is already established, sow into good being done by other people.

I keep watching “Hero’s” and wonder where the Heroes of today are? Today’s heroes are you and me.


Blessed people let us be a caring people, a Loving people as we were created to be.


We are all:


Made by Love, with Love, to BE Love


I hope this is a message you will take with you into the coming year, that the Spirit of the Lord may enrich you, and his wisdom may be your walking stick.



Fear of the Lord



I imagine standing in front of God on judgment day and he asks me about all the decisions I made and what I did with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He will be talking to me individually. He will be pulling out a record of my life. He will call on Jesus and ask him “ hey son, Busi says she knows you, Do you know her?” I would hate to hear an answer that is not a YES from my Lords lips.

So what am I doing now to ensure that those hard questions that will be required of me to answer, I answer them, without Uhms and Ahms…?

Well I was thinking of situations that have been presented to me many times before. Someone disrespecting me or just being unfair, situations that present themselves and it is clear as day that that this is un called for. My anger can quickly get in the way and I can blow up or say something bad about another person (or cursing them). Those options are easier to come by than being silent and doing all that I can not to speak against someone.

Whenever a situation like that presents itself, I think of David doing all he can to run away from his King. And when numerous opportunities came about to kill King Saul he refused saying “this is God’s chosen one I will not touch him (paraphrased)” (1 Sam26:9). David even made sure that his men did not touch Kind Saul when they sneaked into his camp.

Now look at another wise man of God who when approached by his masters wife refused her and ended up in jail. Joseph ran away from the temptation that was presented to him.


Now I could justify myself and say but I know so and so doesn’t go to church and they don’t treat anyone well. Or that I don’t deserve to be treated like this I am a chosen one myself how can a sister or brother in Christ treat me with such contempt.


But then again it is my race, my salvation, my life, I would be giving someone a loaded gun with a marked target on my forehead X. I decided that I would not give anyone permission to determine my future, my present, my hopes and my dreams.


So when I am treated unfairly, I will look up and ask the Lord for an extra measure of humility because even that person who has treated me unfairly is a child of God. How they answer to God is up to them but I just need to pray for them.


There is something that we need to note, we do not struggle with the same vices as the next person. Some may struggle with anger, some with self esteem but with whatever struggle Gods principles are the same and they stand the test of time, even he. Numbers 23: 19 says “he is not a man that he should lie…”.

If he says forgive, he said it once and he meant it- it’s a principle.

If he said seed, time and harvest- it’s a principle.

If he said give and it shall be given back to you…- it’s a principle.

If he said the wages of sin is death- it’s a principle.


Maybe I should define more clearly this word principle (from my understanding)- when I say principle I mean a standard, law or theory, something that can be done time and time again and it will be proven true every time.

The men I identified earlier  had one thing in common, a principle they understood when it comes to God, Fear- Proverbs 111: 10 says the “Fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom”. So them fearing God and seeking righteousness, hating what was evil (Romans 12:9) and loving him (God)- Luke 20:27.


  • Are you provoking anyone?
  • Are you speaking badly about anyone or encouraging hateful speech about another?
  • Do you have an attitude about certain people?

My answers to these is “Yes”;

  • I may not mean to provoke but could provoke someone
  • I may not mean to speak badly about people but sometimes I do.
  • I may not want to have an attitude about certain people but I do.

But thank God for his Grace, because I would not be able to see wrong in what I do or try to rectify it without seeing his Grace in my life.


So here is my challenge.

Examine the areas in your life that you do not fear God in. Go to him, he knows your problem, better than you do. And humbly yourself before him. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is see that you have placed your physical needs above God. But humble yourself before him.






God is JIT (Just in Time)


In know a lot of people, myself included, sometimes hurry God. We believe that God has to do things in our time, we know ourselves better right. If I want a car, I want it in my time, well what about Gods time?

We have a God who is creator of heaven and earth. This is the same God who created earth in 6 days, pulling mountains up and smashing valleys to be low. How do you compare to him?

When Psalms 103; 14, he says “he knows our frame, he remembers we are dust”. He also said that he created us in our mother’s wombs. Would you like to compare to that. Well humans leave up to a measly hundred years and he has seen eternity.

God’s time is just right, it is perfect on time, on form and on point and it brings all the favor and blessing with it that you need. Abraham waited a few years until his perfect blessing Isaac came to being. But of course like Abraham when God speaks we listen but are in hurry to get the blessing without the patience. Giving birth to Ishmaels, our not yet perfect blessing. But after time though he (Abraham) received his promise Just In Time. Jesus died on the cross, no one in their right minds could understand how the son of God could be tortured by mere men and in such a brutal way. But he came back to life Just In Time; 3 days after he died he brought the promises and blessings of God to even the Gentiles (Gal. 3: 13-14)

So how does Just In Time work for us now. I cannot be asking God for car but I don’t have my driver’s license. As there are laws in government there are also laws in the Spirit, “if you are not ready- It is not yet Time”

Before a child eats solids, they have to go through milk and puréed food. And for some time when their stomachs are ready, their mouths are armored and their throats can handle. If a child is given hard foods before the time, they might choke on the food imposing a danger on the child.

A child needs to go through the process and in time be able to eat like grownups. This too applies to us. We are so fascinated with grown up food, we even cry for it. Begging the Almighty God to provide us with some. While the father knows all, he knows all too well that my child is not ready for this. We do not have the spiritual license to handle many blessings God wants to give us, yet we cry with the little God wants us to grow in.

As a child adapts that attitude of crying to (not running away from) the mother even when it is the mother that has just reprimanded them. You may not know it than but mother knows best for her child and mother knows that it is not Yet Time for my child.

Relate your relationship with the heavenly Father to that of your earthly father. Your earthly father didn’t mean to hurt you when he denied you those label jeans but he knew that it was Not Yet Time.


“how much more will your heavenly father Love you”

Your heavenly father did not hold back all those blessings from you because he didn’t want you to have the best.

He wanted to bless you Just In Time


Point me to the hospital


A person with rejection issues will feel rejected from any and every situation.
From a person that grudgingly smiles to non verbal communication another makes.
There is always a reason for a rejected person to feel rejected.
A fish that only knows and lives in water for all its life is drowned by the air that mammals enjoy as their living source.

The fact is there are broken, wounded people walking about with scars as deep as the pacific rim. Yet they wear smiles on their faces and serve wholeheartedly.
Scars from birth, before birth and after birth whose cracks are being licked by others unknowingly.
I remember some time back I reached out to a person for a hug, but you know when you get that grudging hug- a person clearly not willing to give me a hug in return. I was so hurt by the fact that the hug I was giving with such love and excitement was not reciprocated.

It’s amazing how something so small can set a person off.
But when you find the balm of Gilead, that easily absorbs itself on those cracks and wounds, healing pulling together the broken skin that had been parted. The pain and itch of scabs can cause irritation but staying true to that oil, completely covers all unevenness. I am one of them and I wish I could point to Gilead, maybe on a map that you can find this oil, but no matter i lead you. It would not be there, so I will tell you this because it is not in a map, neither in a jar. But in a vessel whose very cause is to heal the bruised.